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"it’s trans people. trans people could have predicted this." gender roles have nothing to do with trans people you idiot. gender non-conforminity =/= trans. You're a transphobic, transmisogynistic, misogynistic piece of shit. Wouldn't be surprised if your were a racist white girl either.

u herd it here first

gender roles have nothing 2 do with being trans

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Hi! I'm a cis asian girl who lacks the motivation to make a tumblr account. I know you probably hate me for being cis. I honestly don't care, because a person's sexuality/gender is their own sexuality/gender. I don't really think that cis or queer people should be hated or bullied based on how they identify or who they like. (I'm really sorry if I messed up on the grammar)

Nobody actually hates cis people for being cis. We’re just very frustrated at being murdered all the time. I have 2 whole cis friends.

I haven’t ‘bullied’ anybody: nobody has ever been actually bullied for being cis.